Table tennis table measurements

Ever wondered what the official table tennis table measurements are?

Table tennis tables are typically green or dark blue and come in different sizes, but only full-size tables are acceptable for formal tournaments.

Full-sized Tables

As per ITTF standards, a full-sized table tennis table for professional players should have a rectangular playing surface, and dimensions that measure 9 feet (length) x 5 feet (width) x 2 feet 5 inches (height) or 2.74m (length) x 1.525m (width) x 76cm (height). There is also a standard thickness of 25 mm for official matches because the thickness of the table can affect the bounce of the ball. As for the net size, the standard dimension (height x length) is 6 inches x 72 inches.

Other than the full-size, the midsize, mini, and compact are considered non-standard and used only for recreational purposes.

Midsized Tables

The midsize table tennis table has a dimension of 39.3″(L) x 39.2″(W) x 4″(H), and the most popular one is the Joola midsized table.

Compact Tables

Compact tables, on the other hand, aren’t the best if you want to go pro, but they are perfect for beginners who have limited space to store them. It’s also known a folding table which comes in various sizes. One of the great compact tables that you can get from the market is the Compact 19 of Butterfly brand. It has playing dimensions of 9′ (length) x 5′(width) x 2’6″(height), and storage dimensions of 5′ (length) x 5′(width) x 4’8″(height).

Mini Tables

Another space-saver table tennis tables are the mini tables. A great example is the Stiga 54-Inch Mini Table Tennis Table, which measures 29 inches (W) by 27 inches (H) by 54 inches (D), or 73.5 cm by 68.5 cm by 137 cm. An option for these tables is to use a ping pong robot to practise if you don’t have a partner.