Table tennis player profile: Kasumi Ishikawa

Today we look at a leading female table tennis player! Japan’s Kasumi Ishikawa currently ranks 9th in the ITTF world ranking for table tennis and is one of the most renowned female players in the world. She has won 10 ITTF World Tour titles and 12 U21 titles. During the Olympics of 2012 and 2016, she also represented Japan, winning silver and bronze respectively.

Kasumi was born on 23 February 1993 in Yamaguchi, Japan. As a member of a family of table tennis professionals, it’s no wonder she excels at it and has her mother Kumi Ishikawa coaching her. Kasumi’s dream to play in the Olympics began when she was in primary school, and it wasn’t an empty one since she eventually achieved it. She has won the All Japan Table Tennis Championships for four consecutive years since 2007 and has been a regular member of the Japanese national team.

Her aggressive style of play and use of fast top-spins and loops makes her a great player to watch on the table tennis court. In addition to her table tennis skills, Kasumi’s beautiful face, charming personality, and fluency in Japanese and Chinese also make her the most popular female table tennis player in Japan and China.

Kasumi is still believed to be single at the moment despite her attractiveness. While she maintains a private life, she has expressed in the past her admiration for Ma Long, who is ranked second in the ITTF. However, Ma Long seems more focused on his career than on her love life.