How To Keep Your Ping Pong Table Clean?

It seems like you and your family are playing ping pong every day. You just bought the table and everyone is enjoying challenging the other on who can play the best game. Ping pong is a great family game that can get everyone involved in having fun. But how do you keep your ping pong table clean? Well read on for answers to this question and more.

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Equipment To Be Cleaned

You will want to clean the ping pong table, ping pong balls, net and ping pong paddles

Materials You Will Need For Cleaning

Store Bought Ping Pong Cleaner, Warm Water, Vinegar, Micro-Fiber Cloth and Sponge

Points to Remember

You will always want to keep in mind that moisture is an enemy of your ping pong table and other equipment. The table and other equipment are very fragile and too much moisture can change the texture as well as how well you play with the surface of your equipment. Make sure that once you begin cleaning with water or ping pong cleaner, that you are ready to wipe down with a cloth or sponge immediately as to not allow too much moisture to become absorbed within your equipment. Too much moisture in your equipment can cause irreparable damage and make it difficult for you to continue playing those great ping pong games.

This is a step by step guide on how to clean your ping pong table:

1)Stand your ping pong table against a wall with the net on. The net will help to divide your ping pong table as you clean.

2)Decide if you are going to use a store bought ping pong cleaner or a vinegar and water solution. If you are using the solution, then you will need to mix 2/3 water with 1/3 vinegar. There is another option if your ping pong table is not dirty enough to clean with the cleaner or vinegar solution and that is just using warm water for a quick wipe down. Decide which one you will use and continue to the next step.

3)Make sure and have your sponge or cloth to wipe down. Remember to not get heavy handed with applying your cleaner or water to the table. The texture must not be broken up or broken down so apply very little of the moisture to your table. It will be the same light application when you clean the paddles and ping pong balls as well.

4) Use the net as a divider to wipe down the table. Start from the top and linearly wipe down the table. Do not apply pressure or too much moisture so that it will not become embedded in the table. Remember to immediately wipe down the moisture as you wipe. Continue the motion until all of your equipment is cleaned. Remember to clean the net as well.


These are the steps on how to keep your ping pong table clean. Keeping your table and other equipment clean will help you have those great ping pong robot games that your family has come to love and enjoy for many years to come. Read our ping pong table reviews today.

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