JOOLA Tour 1500 Review – Best Joola Indoor Ping Pong Table

Joola Tour 1500 Review $$$

2. JOOLA Tour 1500 Indoor Ping Pong Table

Product Name: Joola Tour 1500 Ping Pong Table

Product Description: Joola tour 1500 table is one of the finest work of joola ping pong table brand. It has lots of features naming few; it's portable, foldable, aron steal legs, MDF top surface and more.

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The biggest advantage of the JOOLA table tennis table is that it is ideal for both beginners as well as for the players who want a deal to put away in the garage or storehouse while not in use. Whatsoever, here we would be listing the specs and pros of the JOOLA table tennis table. Read on!


  • 108 x 60 x 30 inches
  • 198 pounds
  • 5/8 inch (15 mm) thick Medium-density fiberboard (MDF)


  • Pre-assembled, so you can start planning just as you unwrap the product after delivery
  • Availability of a safe & mobile storage
  • Affordable price
  • Sturdy Undercarriage
  • Ideal for practice
  • JOOLA 72 Inch Tournament Grade Net and Post Set
  • Availability of independent table halves
  • Comparatively lighter in weight as that of the similar tables, so you can easily transport it while relocation


  • The thickness of this JOOLA tour table tennis table is 5/8″ which is comparatively lower than the recommended 1″ thickness that is featured in other such models.
  • Few buyers have reported that the frame isn’t solid and the material used for construction is actually not up to the mark.
  • You ought to purchase balls and paddles all by yourself for they aren’t included in the pack.
  • The JOOLA Tour table tennis table is not resistant to extreme heat or humidity.

If you are one among those who has been looking for a recreational table tennis platform, this JOOLA Tour ping pong table is the one for you! It offers the best of the experiences at the game play at the most reasonable price. The biggest advantage of this product is that it comes pre-assembled and thus, you can start playing just as it’s delivered to your place.

JOOLA tour table tennis table is sponsoring the USA Table Tennis proudly and thus, it is capable of satisfying the champion’s choice quite flexibly. However, this isn’t a Ping Pong branded product, hence, it is not eligible to get through its manufacturer warranty.

For all those people who are conscious about the product outlook, this amazing table tennis table comes with a sleek frame along with separable nesting halves that is extremely beneficial for compact storage. So, if you are planning to quit playing for quite some time now, this is going to be an ideal deal for you!

Regarding your play experience, this is a professional grade wooden surface with a composite top that creates an absolute ball bounce with a proper consistency. Besides, it is durable enough so even if you are a regular player, you need not worry about the lasting of the table. It would last for years due to its 1.5 inch diameter sturdy steel legs. The added stability of the table is all due to its 3 inches locking casters wheels. Besides, you can adjust the height of the table by setting the levelers so as to ensure a desired playing surface.

A dual safety anti-tilting locking device is available to assure the safety of the table while it’s in storage position as well as during the game play. An adjustable net tension system and a removable clamp post makes the post set even simpler.

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Features & Details

What makes JOOLA such a popular choice among the players is its design! It is sponsoring the biggest ever tournaments worldwide for quite a long span of time now. The equipment is designed for players of all levels including that of the World Championships, US Open and the Olympics.

Design And Set Up

The simple clamp on design and an assembled feature assures absolutely no hassle with a quick set up. The thick medium density fiberboard is 15 mm thick and comes with a consistent ball bouncing surface. The availability of adjustable rubber feet offers a level playing surface. Also, it is t flexible when it comes to transportation due to the presence of separate rolling trolley systems.

Ideal for Personal Practice

If you are looking for a table surface that offers you a proper setup for personal practice, the JOOLA tour table tennis table would be the best choice for both beginners as well as for the serious players who can settle the equipment down at anytime and start to play. On the contrary, you can put it away as well when you aren’t planning to play or take a break!

Storage Flexibility

You can move the unit as required due to the presence of a dua trolley system that lets you to collapse either side individually. Besides, the casters are flexible to be aligned and adjusted on an uneven surface. You can move the table quite easily based on your convenience or choose to convert the single platform into the separate units.

Low Price

At such a price, it could definitely be classified as a wallet friendly choice wherein you get a compact setup with ease of movement and suitable storage.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Last but not the least, JOOLA table tennis table features a 100 % money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product. It gives value to its customers and respects their feedback and suggestions.

Warranty: A 1 year residential warranty

What Makes JOOLA Tour Table Tennis Table So Popular?

Definitely, the JOOLA Tour table tennis table is grabbing the players’ choice. It is growing up to be the top selling product among the rest on Amazon with an average rating of 4.7/5. The affordable price of the table makes it an excellent value for money. Besides, JOOLA Tour offers an amazing after-sales service. Thus, you need not worry about any issue or complication if faced after the product delivery.

Final Words

Although the JOOLA Tour table tennis table is not made of top notch material, it represents a reasonable price-quality ratio. A sustainable environment with an appropriate maintenance can help it last longer; undoubtedly, a popular choice for both beginners and experienced players to try their skills out!

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