JOOLA Nova Pro Plus Review [Why You Should Buy Joola Nova Pro Plus Table?]

Joola Nova Pro Plus Table Review

JOOLA NOVA Pro Plus Outdoor Ping Pong Table with Waterproof Net Set

Product Name: Joola Nova Pro Plus Ping Pong Table

Product Description: This professional grade JOOLA Nova Pro Plus outdoor tennis table comes with extra large casters. If you are worrying about the durability of the product, you need not worry, this table lasts! Nevertheless, the price-to-quality ratio is amazing and you would love the gaming experience with it.

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For all the tennis enthusiasts who love outdoor play, a JOOLA Nova Pro Plus Outdoor table is what you need  – at the most competitive price. It may not meet your best-of-the-materials requirements yet it is the best deal for the price.

The JOOLA Nova Pro Plus outdoor table tennis table is a high quality product that comes with a hassle-free weatherproof net set and adjustable posts. Thus, it is a perfect deal for your backyard, community playground and deck. If you are still wondering whether to purchase this product or not, you can go ahead and add to your cart for the next time you go shopping. With such superb inclusions at such a price, no wonder, anybody would recommend it as the best deal. Certainly, that has been the reason of it, being a best seller on the platform.

Over time, it has received a really good rating and is consequently becoming the best choice for almost all gaming enthusiasts looking for a tennis table for their outdoor game play.

JOOLA Nova Pro Plus Ping Pong Table


The table takes approximately 10-minutes for unwrapping and assembly. You may choose to attach the casters and legs with only 8 bolts in all and do the setup.

Table Materials:

The table comes in independent table halves. There is an exterior coating of grade powder. Besides, it has got a safety latch system and adjustable leg levelers. Also, it has automatic anti-locking wheels along with steel, self-opening legs.

Tabletop Features:

It comes with a striping table top finish along with a 6 mm thick aluminum plastic surface.

JOOLA Nova Pro Plus Ping Pong Table Storage:

The storage dimensions of the JOOLA Nova Pro outdoor table is H68″ L60″ W30″. It comes with a foldable and compact nested storage available.

Net and Post set description:

The net length of this table is 72” and it comprises of a weather resistant net and post and a sturdy screw-on net post system.

JOOLA Nova Pro Plus outdoor Table comes with a lot of specs and features, a perfect deal for both newbies as well as adults. Here are a few features to know about JOOLA Nova Pro Plus outdoor Table before your purchase:

All weather table

Since you are looking for a product that lets you play even when it’s raining or when the sun is blazing right above your head, this JOOLA Nova Pro Plus outdoor table will perform in any weather.

The JOOLA Nova Pro Plus outdoor Table top is made of a durable 6 mm thick aluminium plastic surface that is absolutely fit for any weather. Besides, it is resistant to chipping and warping. The tennis table sits on a 30 mm × 30 mm powder coated undercarriage that is completely resistant to rust.

Extra large casters

This 6 inches heavy duty caster wheels glide quite easily over all sorts of terrain. Besides, the double size of the casters serve as a bonus for this professional grade outdoor table. The table comprises of four wheels on each of its halves. As a result, you can move the table either as a whole or you can move it separately. Also, each caster wheel consists of locking devices that assure total stability during play. This even facilitates when you aren’t going to play and plan to store it away.

Two piece design

JOOLA Nova Pro Plus outdoor Table comes with two halves that sit on separate 4-wheel trolley systems. Thus, you can easily carry it from one location to another or even store it somewhere while you would be away. It is absolutely up to you whether you want a deal for solo practice or are going to use it in a playback position. Therefore, you can use them for separate multi-functional tables.

Adjustable leg levelers

It is quite obvious that you will not have a flat surface all the time. Thus, each leg of the JOOLA Nova Pro Plus outdoor Table features adjustable leg levelers wherein you can rest the height whenever you want, particularly if you are playing on any uneven surface.


The JOOLA Nova Pro Plus outdoor Table comes with two separate folding halves that let you fold and transport it with ease. Also, the accessibility to wheel enables you to shift the product to any desired location whenever you want.

Compact storage

Another issue to worry about a table tennis table is the storage. Well, with the JOOLA Nova Pro Plus outdoor Table, you see that each half of the table has four caster wheels along with locking devices thus you can achieve an optimal safety and stability at all times.

The most significant benefit of having the separate halves of this table tennis table is that it is not just a space saver but it ensures lowering the weight of the table as a whole, and you can move it flexibily.

JOOLA waterproof net set

The product comes with a classic screw design net set, which is weather resistant also. Along the side, there is a net tensioning system. You can reassemble  in just a few seconds and start having fun.

Anti-tilt locking devices

The JOOLA Nova Pro Plus outdoor Table features a double anti-tilt locking device that you can lock on each half automatically while keeping the table folded. Thus,  easy transportation and storage. All you need is to press the lever gently and it will unfold automatically.

Bottom line

With such a range of specs, this JOOLA Nova Pro Plus outdoor Table has become the best value.


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