JOOLA Inside Review with Details [Make your Decision After Reading This]

Joola Inside Review

JOOLA Inside 25 Inch - Professional MDF Indoor Ping Pong Table

Product Name: Joola Inside Ping Pong Table

Product Description: The JOOLA Inside 15 Table Tennis Table is considered to be the best selling table for quite some time now. The best thing of this product that has eventually been attracting the attention of the customers is nothing other than its quality to price ratio. It is certainly one of the best deals for any fun filled tennis gamer at an affordable range.

Another best thing about this product is that it comes pre-assembled (almost 95%), so you can start enjoying your game play just after unwrapping it after the delivery. Whatsoever, a major concern about the gaming enthusiasts is what would they do if they would need to relocate themselves to some other place or store it somewhere while not in use. Well, you don't need to worry for that matter since this professional JOOLA Tennis table come with a sleek frame along with separable nesting halves, absolutely ideal for compact storage when you are away! You can even store and transport it while relocation.

The professional grade JOOLA inside 15mm table tennis table features a dual safety anti locking device to ensure safety both during the game play as well as during storage. The table as well as the net set are both USATT approved. Besides, it is eligible to satisfy a champion's demands by all means. However, the product does not cover any Ping Pong manufacturer's warranty.

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  • Compact Storage
  • Quick Assembly
  • Mobile Transportation

No matter whether you are a serious game player or an occasional table tennis player, this JOOLA Inside Professional MDF table tennis table would be an ideal choice for you in either of the cases. It is easy to set up and store as well, when not in use! Call upon your friends and they would certainly love to play along!

This professional grade JOOLA Inside table tennis table was launched back in the year 1950, and have been a trusted brand for more than 60 years now. This Olympic table is designed for professional game play at all levels and is best suited for various international Championships, US Open, Olympics and more.

Joola Inside Ping Pong Table Specifications

Here are a few specs about the JOOLA Inside table tennis table that is surely going to attract the players from all categories:

Separate halves

You can use the two halves of the table in playback position during solo practice. On the other hand, you can even avail it for separate multi-functional tables.

JOOLA net and post set

The product comes with a clamp style net wherein it’s easy enough for even a newbie to assemble the set up and attach things right to start playing in a couple of minutes.


No matter what your skill level is, this 1 inch dark blue tabletop offers exceptional durability and bounce. There is a silk screened white striping

Sturdy undercarriage

The foldable 1.5 inch steel legs of the JOOLA Inside table tennis table comes with a 3 inches locking caster wheels, overall featuring a sturdy undercarriage. The table weighs 190 lbs approximately. The quality of the material used for the composition of this product is really amazing and thus, could be relied upon even during intense play and long-term usage.

1.5 inch tube apron

What makes the game play on this JOOLA inside tennis table even more interesting is definitely nothing other than the availability of a 1.5 inch table apron that provides an outstanding bounce stability to the entire table surface.

Features & details

25 mm MDF surface:

No matter where you are planning to conduct your game play, this competition grade ya le tennis table is ideal for home, office as well as in the recreational house. For exceptional stability and gaming experience, you get this USATT approved model at an extremely competitive price.

Compact storage

This professional grade JOOLA tennis table comes with 2 halves and 4″ lockable wheels and casters. Thus, you get it easy to roll and move around from one corner of the room to another when it’s not in use.

Quick assembly

This JOOLA inside table tennis table is a competition grade product that could be set quite easily in an approximate span of 10 minutes. It has a size of 72″ net and a clamp system that could be set up quite competitively. These ensure easy attachment and removal to the table.

Mobile transportation:

You can easily fold and lift it from one location to another. It can be used as an outdoor ping pong table in any outdoor location, if in case you do not want to play it indoor. However, this product does not include ping pong paddles.

100 % satisfaction guarantee:

If you are purchasing the product, it is quite obvious for you to remain concern about issues (if faced) in settling the net and the whole system. However, the customer support team is always there to help you out at every point so that you can have a 100 % customer satisfaction.

Disclaimer: This JOOLA inside table tennis table might not be of the best material available in the market. However, it is being the best in itself for its price to quality ratio. Once you start playing with it, you would be loving the way it is designed, a deal for both the kids as well as the adults.

Final Words

The JOOLA professional grade table tennis table is ideal for both the kids and the adults as well. It is not just a perfect fit for the newbies but any player who has been in the game play for quite some time now will consequently love to continue their experience with this setup.

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