How to make your ping pong paddle sticky

How to make your ping pong paddle sticky

In this post we will look at how to make your paddle sticky again.

First – what causes the paddle to lose its stickiness? Well there are two things to consider, general dirt, which in general, DOES NOT make it lose its grip and sticky ability or dirt and residue from the balls (especially new ones) and table when playing – now this is the MAJOR source of dirt and grime that causes loss of stickiness.

Yes, I said it – new balls have residue! (no, not that kind of residue).

Clean the plastic dimpled bits (the rubbers)

The more dust and dirt they have present on their surfaces, the worse the ‘stick’ of the paddle will be. You can use water (the cheap and convenient, yet less-effective, option) or you can use special rubber cleaner, especially for ping pong paddles. You can get this from somewhere like Megaspin, a big ping pong product store online. Note: don’t use generalist cleaners, we cannot guarantee that they won’t damage the rubbers!

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